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Learn The Secrets That Propelled The World’s Top Thought Leaders To Success — Including Tim Ferriss, Ryan Holiday, Benjamin Franklin & Many More...

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Using the Slipstream Technique has to be one of the best — and easiest — ways to get ahead.

While you’ve probably never heard of it, this powerful technique has been the secret weapon of some of the world’s most successful people, including...

  • Benjamin Franklin
  • Tim Ferriss
  • Ryan Holiday
  • Bill Belichick (5x Superbowl Champion Head Coach)
  • Edward C. Barnes (Thomas Edison's business partner)
  • And many more...

And while bits and pieces of the magic have been shared before…

...(Spread out across hundreds of books, blog posts, and podcasts over the last several hundred years)...

...there has never been a comprehensive strategy to reproduce the magic...

... until now.

If you’re serious about learning, and want to take your career (and life) to an entirely new level, read on.


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Hi, I’m Jonathan Levi, TEDx Speaker, award-winning podcast host, and the founder of SuperLearner Academy.

In December 2013, I hit “publish” on an online course that shortly became one of the world’s top accelerated learning courses.

And since its launch, over 200,000 students have enrolled in my programs with some incredible results.

Students have used SuperLearning to...

  • Launch businesses earning 4x their countries national average
  • Accelerate growth in their careers
  • Combat depression and quit harmful addictions
  • Learn 5+ languages

And much, much more.

I’m incredibly proud of all of these incredible, life-changing results that my students have achieved.

But over time, after seeing so many success stories, I began to wonder…

How could my students use their passion for learning to get to the next level - in both their lives and in their careers?

What if, just like learning 3X faster, there was a way to grow 3X faster, too?

For the longest time, I didn’t have an answer.

So I went about interviewing 200+ of some of the world’s most successful people on my podcast.

Then, I joined Genius Network®, the world’s highest-level, $25,000 a year mastermind...

And after years of searching, I discovered the secret.

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Who, Not How:

The Secret Behind The World’s Most Successful People

As a SuperLearner, I spent years learning about how to do things.

I studied how to market.

I studied how to podcast.

I studied how to create successful online courses.

And sure, without a doubt, all of these “hows” have paid off really well for me.

But what I began to realize is that while the world’s most successful people know a lot of “hows”...

... what was most important to their growth and their success was the “whos.”

If you want to completely transform your life fast, it’s just not enough to dig around and try to find the right books and articles.

(Even if you read at 700+ words per minute, like I do).

You see, in order to save years of trial and error and re-inventing the wheel, you need to find the right people who can get you to the next level….

...And then, learn everything you possibly can - directly from them.

Think about it:

How many successful people do you know who don’t have mentors?

The answer is none.

Looking back, even I, with all of my SuperLearning skill, owe much of my success to a long list of mentors - both in business and in life.

In short, what I’m saying is this:

If you want to get ahead in life, you need to stand on the shoulders of giants!

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But How Can You Connect With Successful People That Can Get You To The Next Level?

Now, there is a chance that you’re thinking...

“Sure Jonathan, it’s easy for you to say ‘connect with successful people’ — you have a podcast with 3,000,000+ downloads, a TEDx talk, an MBA, yada yada yada. How can I, without all that, connect with the right mentors to help me?”

I’m glad you asked ;)

Here’s a crazy story:

(You’re going to love this)

About a year ago, I received a strange email from a SuperLearner student:

This email stood out from the rest of the stuff in my inbox, to say the least.

So I clicked on it.

And boy am I glad I did.

While I didn’t know it at that time, the sender of that email would go on to become a good friend of mine...

...and to run a huge portion of my entire company.

That person’s name was Brandon Fong, and he’s developed something absolutely ingenious:

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The “Slipstream Technique”

The Strategy That Anyone (Regardless of Experience) Can Use To Learn Directly From Industry Transformers & Shortcut Their Career Success

Get this:

When Brandon first reached out to me, he was a 21-year-old college student with almost zero work experience.

Not to mention, when Brandon contacted me, I wasn’t even hiring!!!

Nonetheless, he reached out because he was a fan of my courses and podcast.

And, despite the odds, about a month after reading the email he sent me, I hired him part-time onto my team.

A few months after that, I found his work to be so valuable, that I decided to bring him on full-time, and agreed to help him build his own business at the same time.

And guess what?

Brandon quickly became the highest paid member of my staff - by far.

In fact, a few months after hiring him, I began to trust him so much, that I invested over $10,000 to bring him into Genius Network® with me.

Today, he is still working as my “right-hand man” — learning directly from me, and helping me run a 7 figure media empire.

Plus, he has used his unique skill set to get access to other industry transformers, such as Kevin Harrington, Original Shark on Shark Tank, Noah Kagan, the founder of Sumo and AppSumo.com, Joe Polish, the founder of Genius Network and host of the I Love Marketing Podcast, Benjamin Hardy, the #1 writer in the world on Medium.com, and many more...

  • Hanging out in the Philippines!

  • Brandon with Joe Polish, Founder of Genius Network

  • Brandon with Benjamin Hardy, the #1 Writer in the world on Medium.com

  • Brandon with Kevin Harrington, original Shark on Shark Tank

  • Brandon with Alice Cooper, American singer, songwriter, and actor

  • Brandon with Dave Asprey,
    Founder of Bulletproof

  • Brandon with Nir Eyal, bestselling author of hooked

  • Brandon with Daymond John, Shark on Shark Tank

  • Brandon with Jeff Hoffman, the founder of Priceline.com

And, on top of that, he is living location independent and spending an entire year traveling with his girlfriend, Leah.

But the craziest part?

None of this happened by chance.

As I would later find out:

Brandon Developed An Entire Strategy To Get Where He Is Today…

He Calls It The “Slipstream Technique.”

You see, as I continued to work with Brandon over the year, I slowly began to discover just how much strategy had gone into what had happened.

It required insane amounts of planning, original thinking, creativity, and preparation.

So, what is the “Slipstream Technique” exactly?

Well to know what the Slipstream Technique is, you first have to understand what a Slipstream is.

A slipstream, as defined in the Merriam Webster dictionary, is “an area of reduced air pressure and forward suction immediately behind a rapidly moving vehicle”

Therefore, "slipstreaming" describes an object traveling inside the slipstream, or wind channel, of another object.

If an object is following another object, moving at the same speed, the rear object will be subjected to less wind resistance, and therefore, requires less power to maintain its speed than if it were moving independently.

So what does that have to do with you?

Well, it means that by following in the slipstream of a fast-moving influencer, you can shave YEARS off of your own learning curve and reduce the “wind resistance” of making your own mistakes and learning it all on your own.

In other words, the Slipstream Technique is the way that Brandon skipped 5-10 years of “figuring it out for himself” - by deliberately working his way into my inner circle.

When I realized just how unique and valuable this skill was, I convinced Brandon to create a course with me on how anyone, regardless of experience level, can learn from the people they admire.

And today, I’m proud to say we are launching that course.


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Ultimate Advantage will teach you the exact strategies that Brandon uses to work with industry transformers…

….and literally “shortcut” his way to the top.

Forget needing to spend years “climbing the corporate ladder” or figuring out things the hard way.

This course will teach you how to develop genuine relationships with people that can dramatically accelerate your success in every area of life.

Just think:

How much faster could you achieve your goals if you knew how to reach out to and work with a a role model that you admire... and convince them to teach you one-on-one?

How many headaches could you avoid if you had that person on speed dial?

After seeing Brandon do it himself, I can attest that this methodology will radically transform your life...

... and do it in an innovative and fun way.

Here’s a Sneak Peek Inside
The Ultimate Advantage System

Ultimate Advantage was carefully crafted with one thing in mind:

Your success.

To create this course, Brandon and I dissected every element of his process.

  • The exact email scripts he used
  • How he built his skillset
  • The psychology behind the strategies
  • How he built a reputable brand from scratch

Then, we applied my own experience in creating ultra-high-quality online courses.

We built everything from the ground up, and organized it into a simple process with crystal clear action items and how-to videos.

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But that’s just the course content.

When we sat down to brainstorm everything we knew you’d need for success, we knew we would have to go above and beyond creating valuable videos.

Which is why, when you decide to take action and invest in the course today, we will include some INSANE bonuses for you.

For a while, we considered selling these separately - for a few hundred dollars each.

But for the time being, we’ve decided to include them with the course material.

Bonus #1: Step-By-Step, “Hold My Hand” Worksheets, Checklists, & Templates


We know that many people either...

  • Never even considered reaching out to someone they admire
  • Don’t believe they are “good enough” for a successful persons time
  • Don’t think they have anything of value that they could provide
  • Don’t know how to reach out, or are afraid of reaching out and getting rejected

We get it!

It sounds crazy being able to hang out and learn directly from people you admire.

That, my friends, is the exact reason why we’ve created professionally designed “hold my hand” worksheets, checklists, and templates for you.

Each of these worksheets breaks down one of the most important aspects of the course and shows you, step-by-step, how to get them done.

Worried you might not know what to say, or how to say it?

  • The Email Best Practices Cheat Sheet is designed to help you avoid all the common
    mistakes that people make which get their emails ignored and sent to the trash
  • The Meeting Agenda Template will literally walk you through, step by step what to do
    when you have a meeting with someone you look up to

Don’t think you have enough experience to deserve their attention?

  • The Personal Website and LinkedIn Quickstart Guides will walk you through proven ways to build your brand and gain experience
  • Oh, and the lecture on “First Principle Skills” will literally make successful people fight to work with you

Think that they would be “way too busy” to talk to you?

  • The Skills Inventory Worksheet will guide you through a process that will make make successful people stop in their tracks to talk to you

Everything you need to succeed is laid out for you in these action-packed worksheets, templates, and checklists:

Bonus #2: PROVEN, “Done For You” Email Scripts

When Brandon first started to reach out to influencers, he didn’t have much experience crafting emails that people would respond to.

But after studying copywriting and advanced persuasion techniques, and testing them over and over again, Brandon developed email scripts that have been proven to work.

Here’s the thing:

Most things in life can’t be done for you.

If you want to get stronger, I can’t go lift weights for you.

You have to do that yourself.

But the funny thing is, that isn’t the case with writing effective emails.

In fact, during Brandon’s process of reaching out to influencers, he developed some powerful email scripts that have been proven to get responses.

And for this course, we decided to include them for you to use.

Bonus #3: Hate Taking Notes? Don’t Worry, We Did It For You: Section Review Worksheets

There is a lot of actionable content in Ultimate Advantage.

And if you’re like many top performers, you’ll probably want to take copious notes.

But to save you time and help you ingrain the course material into your head, we also created professionally designed review worksheets for you.

These review worksheets will handle taking notes for you so you can focus on taking action and getting results.

Bonus #4: Ultimate Advantage MasterClass Exclusive Interviews

The strategies taught in Ultimate Advantage have been proven time and time again.

In fact, they’ve been used to accelerate careers in nearly every industry you can imagine.

From finance, to software, to real estate, and information products.

As part of this limited time offer, you will get to meet some of the folks who have used these exact techniques in their own careers.

Through in-depth interviews with real-world people, we will explore individual case studies.

These case studies will teach you how people just like you have used these techniques to work with:

  • Ramit Sethi, NYT Bestselling Author and Founder of Growthlab & I Will Teach You To Be Rich
  • Noah Kagan, founder of Sumo and Appsumo, employee #30 at Facebook, and employee #4 at Mint.com
  • Brandon T. Adams, the “King of Crowdfunding” and serial entrepreneur
  • Oren Klaff, Founder of Intersection Capital — grew the firm to approximately $2 billion in aggregate trade volume
  • David Osborne, founder of the 4th largest real estate brokerage in the world
  • Kevin Harrington, Founder of the infomercial and original shark on Shark Tank

But that’s not all.

On top of these in-depth case study interviews, Brandon you’ll also receive an in-depth interview with one of the world’s leading LinkedIn experts.

In it, he’ll share several “hidden” strategies you can use to work your way closer to people you admire.

Bonus #5: LAUNCH EXCLUSIVE — Ultimate Advantage Individual and Group Coaching Calls

To celebrate the launch of this brand new course, we are giving away something very special:

Our direct time and attention!

During launch week only, we are opening up a few extremely limited spots for individual and group coaching calls.

These calls are an opportunity for you to get personalized advice and guidance the experts.

Here are the details:

  • The first FIVE people to enroll will get an exclusive 30 minute, 1-on-1 session with Brandon
  • The next 20 enrollments after that will be invited to join a 1 hour group coaching call with both Brandon and Jonathan

Due to the limited nature of this bonus, we don’t anticipate that it will last very long.

So if you’re serious about getting results, we suggest being one of the first to enroll!

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Our “You’re Not Allowed To Fail” Guarantee


Plain and simple, we know this method works.

No ifs, ands, or buts.

If you follow the system that we have outlined for you, you will achieve success.


So if you’re the kind of person who takes action, you can stop reading this and get started right now.

The rest of this page doesn’t concern you— the lessons are already waiting for you.

But here’s the thing:

We know there are a few of you who are still “on the fence,” and need an extra push to get started.

So here are the details on our guarantee:

In addition to our standard 30 day, “no questions asked” guarantee…


We’re offering a groundbreaking 365 day results money back guarantee.


In the unlikely event that you actually do the work (watch the videos, complete the exercises, implement the content), and it doesn’t generate results for you…?


Just send send us an email showing your work.


We’ll reimburse you for every penny you’ve spent on this program.


And on top of that, we’ll even donate $50 to a charity of your choice... for your inconvenience.


* NOTE: 365 Day guarantee overlaps with the standard 30 day money back guarantee as shown on our checkout page. You may request a full refund, no questions asked, within 30 days of purchase. With proof of implementation, you may be eligible for a full refund for 365 days after purchase — provided you provide ample documentation and proof.


In short:

If you’re willing to take action and put in the work, this doesn’t apply to you. But, if you go through the material and it doesn’t work out, just send us the work you did for the course within a year (emails you sent, link to your website etc.) and we’ll issue you a full refund plus give $50 to a charity of your choice.

Also note that if you request a refund, you will be unable to join any of our other programs in the future. We know that may sound harsh, but we’re committed to getting people results, and want to make sure we’re working with top performers.


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What kind of background information do I need to succeed in this course?

None. We built this course to take you from nothing to working with industry transformers.

How long does the course take?

We estimate that the course material will take 6-8 weeks to complete, depending on how much time you have available. Keep in mind that you have lifetime access, so you are free to set your own pace.

I’m a student / stay-at-home mom with 94 kids / business owner / late in my career / early in my career / [insert life situation here], does this course apply to me?

We hate to answer a question with a question, but...

Do you think you could achieve your goals faster if you had someone you look up to on speed dial?

If the answer is “yes” then this course will work for you, as long as you’re willing to put in the work!

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Are You Ready To Gain
The Ultimate Advantage?

This course is included in our Superhuman Squad™ all access pass!

Lifetime Access


All Access Pass

Unlock Our Entire Course Library



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It’s Time To Build The Lifestyle You Want.

If you’re like most people, chances are there’s always been something preventing you from living the life of your dreams.

Maybe you feel like you...

  • Need more experience to move forward
  • Have too many interests, or don’t know what path to pursue
  • Don’t have the right connections
  • Are afraid of venturing into the unknown
  • Don’t have a clear path to follow
  • And on and on and on and on...

But what if all of those roadblocks simply vanished?

What if you had someone you admire helping you break free and achieve more than you ever thought was possible?

It’s not some fantasy.

It’s 100% obtainable, and it’s been proven by many of the world’s most successful people.

Now it’s your turn.

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Are You Ready To Gain
The Ultimate Advantage?

This course is included in our Superhuman Squad™ all access pass!

Lifetime Access


All Access Pass

Unlock Our Entire Course Library




  • Great course. made me think a lot more about marketing

    Arun Abraham

    I'm a qualifed accountant(CPA). I am very of course by the book. An area that I can honestly say that a newer generation(or old dog trying to learn new tricks) is to learn marketing. After certain point in your career the only way you can go further is to bring in new business, and most business models will only give you that chance after you have been at the place for +10 years and have reach the partner level. Even then the approach really is going through a phone book and cold calling or "pounding the pavement" at conferences. Thousands of dollars are spent in a very hit or miss fashion this way. What Brandon made me realize is that don't need to be a senior person to do that. And can be done with surgical precision. This approach by design is for getting your foot into a door. It can also be continued to be used to get mentors, and also bring in CLIENTS. Can not recommend enough.It's great course. Great deal of respect to Jonathan Levi for taking a chance on this Brandon, A lot of people say they want to be mentor but run in the opposite direction out when they find someone with potential. Jonathan is shocking egoless in development of Brandon. It's inspirational. I felt obliged to buy their products after the hundreds of hours I have spent listening to their free content. I can't begin to pay back the value they have added. They clearly want to make everyone in the world superhuman.