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Have you ever heard of the self-made billionaire with six-pack abs that never spent a second on self-improvement?


Me neither.

Because the truth is this:

No matter what your goals are, you must become a better version of yourself to make your dreams a reality.

And now, you can do just that...

... on autopilot.

You've Seen Us In

Hi, I’m Jonathan Levi, TEDx Speaker, award-winning podcast host, and the founder of SuperHuman Academy.

For the longest time, I’ve been obsessed with one question:

What makes people successful?


I’m not talking about success in our society’s traditional definition of the word.

I’m talking about someone who’s not just financially successful, but someone who is also a completed, well-rounded, renaissance man or woman.

The kind of person who has…

Their work life dialed in

Great relationships with family and friends

A fantastic spiritual life

Massive amounts of personal growth powered by passion, goals, and ambitions

What makes those people successful?

How can they live a life that seems nothing short of SuperHuman?

Well, after over 3 million podcast downloads and interviews with 240+ of the world’s top performers...

... I not only have an answer — but also a way for you to harness it.

The #1 Success Trait

If I were to boil down what makes the world’s most successful people who they are into ONE THING, it would be this:

Relentless pursuit of growth.

The world’s most successful people are dedicated to a never-ending journey to build a balanced life full of fulfillment and expansion.


No exceptions.

With that in mind, my team and I stepped into our SuperHuman lab, slapped on our goggles, rolled back our lab coat sleeves...

... and created something that will forever change how you grow.


The ”SuperHuman Squad™” All-Access Pass:


For the first time ever, anyone can now access our entire library of online courses...

... for as low as $41/ month.

But that’s not even the best part:

Not only will you have access to our entire existing library of courses…

you’ll also be the very first to access all of the courses on our roadmap.

...courses we are developing in collaboration with a laundry list of the world’s TOP superhumans and past podcast guests!

That’s right:

No more paying $299 - $1,297 per course.

You now get access to it ALL for a fraction of the price.


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Become A SuperLearner: The MasterClass

Our bestselling course of all time!

Think about it:

If you could learn anything at superspeed, you’d be like Aladdin with the power to wish for more wishes.

Nothing could stop you.

Whether you're a student, a professional, or simply embarking on a new hobby, not knowing the best way to learn is the only thing that can stand in your way.

This course will teach you how to hack your learning, reading, and memory skills, empowering you to learn ANYTHING and everything faster and more effectively.

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Become A Speed Demon: The MasterClass

If you’re like most of us, you simply don’t have enough time in the day to do all of the things you need to do — much less those that you want to do.

The Become A Speed Demon MasterClass will teach you the most cutting-edge tips and tricks for productivity, automation, and efficiency, so that you can do more work in less time and have more time for the things that matter in life.

This course lays out a step-by-step, proven methodology that you can follow to add 1-3 hours back to your day.

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Ultimate Advantage

There are two paths you can take to success in life:

Path 1: What society tells you to do:

Work hard → go to school → magically figure out what you want to do with your life → find a good job → climb “the ladder” for your career / work in a job you aren’t “all in on” → retire → unicorns and rainbows

Path 2: Find someone who’s already achieved you want to in life, and find a way to learn directly from them, lopping off YEARS of trial and error.

Ultimate Advantage teaches the exact strategies that anyone, regardless of experience, can use to learn directly from industry transformers…

….and literally “shortcut” to the top.

This course will teach you how to develop genuine relationships with people that can dramatically accelerate your success in every area of life.

Just think:

How much faster could you achieve your goals if you knew how to reach out to and work with a role model that you admire... and convince them to teach you one-on-one?

How many headaches could you avoid if you had that person on speed dial?

That’s exactly what you’ll learn in Ultimate Advantage.

**Note that Ultimate Advantage is currently CLOSED for public enrollment. ONLY members of our SuperHuman Squad™ All Access Pass are able to access the program!.

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Become A SuperHuman

Losing weight, enhancing your brain, speeding up healing and recovery, and combating depression doesn’t have to be hard.

Contrary to all the crazy solutions out there, there is ONE, naturally produced hormone in your body that takes care of all of the above.

And chances are you probably aren’t tapping into it’s true potential.

Become a SuperHuman can change that.

Become a SuperHuman is an all-in-one course that will teach you how to hack your diet, exercise, and habits to safely boost your testosterone — the motivation, fitness, health, and happiness superdrug.

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Passive Income Powerhouse

Are you the kind of person that could stand to make an extra $1,000, $2,000, or even $10,000 a month - but don’t have the time or attention to take on a second job or work more hours?

Trust us, you're not alone.

Fortunately, we live in a unique and exciting time.

Only recently, the advancement of technology and the democratization of creativity have made it possible for literally anyone to start earning “passive income” - in other words, to earn money while they sleep, travel, or work on their passion projects.

But Where Do You Even Start?

In this course, you're going to learn exactly how to create passive income.

You'll be taken on a step-by-step learning journey to learn exactly how I’ve made over $2 million in passive income, using simple strategies and frameworks that anyone can apply.

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Raising SuperLearners

Whether you look towards science, technology, health, politics, or culture, one thing is universally clear:

Today’s Children Will Grow Up In A Totally Different World Than They Were Born Into

But with such rapid and unprecedented changes to the way that humans live, how can we, as parents, teachers, siblings, or mentors, prepare today’s children to succeed in life?

How can we groom children for the future if we have no idea what it will look like?

In all truth - there is only one way:

Prepare Them To Learn Anything & Everything Faster & More Effectively

In this course, you will discover a comprehensive methodology designed to help raise the next generation of SuperLearners.

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Creating a Meaningful Life

We all want to live a life of meaning, joy, and fulfillment. But let’s be honest… it’s not easy!

Finding our passions, defining our purpose, and balancing all the many aspects of a complete and rich life… this stuff takes work!

In this course, the product of over 2 decades of university-level work and thousands of lives changed, we’re going to give you the strategies, tools, and frameworks to create the meaningful life of your dreams.

We’ll use the same hands-on techniques and exercises used by the world’s top life coaches and university professors alike to help you define and attain a truly meaningful life.

Join top-rated university professor Linda Levine and Jonathan Levi, one of Udemy's all-time bestselling instructors, in this first-of-its kind online course.

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5 Day Memory Mastery

In this fast-paced, to-the-point crash course, we’ve condensed our bestselling teaching methodology into the absolute essentials.

We’ve cut all the fluff and the in-depth background.

All that remains are the absolute best memory techniques - techniques that are neuroscientifically proven and guaranteed to work for everyone, no matter how “lousy” they think their memory is.

In just 20 minutes a day for 5 days, you’ll learn and practice the exact techniques that are being used to set world records, win championships, and perform superhuman feats of memory every single day.

You’ll apply what you’re learning in a fun and easy way, and begin to understand how these techniques can and will transform your entire life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I already own some of the products in this library. Is there anything you guys are doing to reward early adopters?

    Of course!

    First of all, you have LIFETIME access to those courses, whether or not you are a part of the SuperHuman Academy All Access Pass.

    Anyone who discontinues their membership will immediately lose access to the course content — unless the course was purchased individually.

    Second, we want to make sure we reward people who already own our products. Depending on how many courses you own, we will provide you with a LIFETIME discount on our All Access Course Pass.

    If you own...
    → The SuperLearner MasterClass: You get a $10/off per month LIFETIME discount
    → The Speed Demon MasterClass: You get a $10/off per month LIFETIME discount
    → Ultimate Advantage: You get a $10/off per month LIFETIME discount
    → TWO of the above courses, you get a $20/off per month LIFETIME discount
    → THREE of the above courses, you get a $25/off per month LIFETIME discount

    Please note that if at any point you decide to cancel your membership, you will lose access to your lifetime discount.

    To activate these discounts, please contact [email protected] and we will take care of you!

  • Can I cancel my membership at any time?

    100% — you’re just one email away from canceling your subscription if you’re unhappy for any reason.

  • Do you limit how many courses I can take at a time, or how fast I can take them?

    In general, no. You are welcome to begin every one of our courses either during the Free Trial or during your first month - though we do not recommend it. You are also free to complete entire courses during that time period, if you wish.

    Please note, however, that because a small portion of our courses (including 5 Day Memory Mastery and The SuperLearner MasterClass) require students to practice and implement before moving on, we have deliberately created a "drip" schedule for those courses. This is intended to prevent students from either getting overwhelmed or "binging" on the content - both of which reduce student success. After years of experimentation and over 200,000 students, we've realized that for a select few courses, it's better if students have a set pace.

  • What is your refund policy?

    Monthly subscribers can cancel at any time by emailing our [email protected]. Unfortunately, we cannot refund payments that have already been processed. However, if you buy our annual plan and aren’t happy, just email us within 30 days - we’ll refund everything but your first month.

  • Will I still be able to buy courses individually if I don’t want to join the All Access Pass?

    Yes! If you’d rather just have lifetime access to one course, you can still buy courses individually.

  • How often will you add new courses to the library?

    Our goal is to add at least 3-4 new courses per year valued at approximately $1,500

  • If I own a product in the library, will I still have access to it now that it's a part of the squad?

    Yes! If you purchased a course before, you have lifetime access to that course. Subscribing to the All-Access Pass will not impact your lifetime access in any way.

YES! I Want Instant Access To The Superhuman Squad
All-access Pass Plus All The Exciting Courses In Development!

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Pay Yearly